Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Off to see the queen with baby and crochet

Today we are combining a spot of royal watching with knitting (or rather crocheting) in public!

Gutted to say that in my haste to get into town, I totally forgot to dress W in his Union Jack romper suit :(, so we will have to save that for the Olympics.

Stamford roads are cordoned off with barriers for folks to stand behind and wave as the Queen passes through town on her way to Burghley House for a picnic.

The weather has been kind so far and there are already hoards of school kids and pensioners securing their viewing positions! The Welland us being patrolled by river police, there are helicopters overhead, police everywhere and W is sleeping.

To be honest, I'm pleased I forgot ws Union Jack suit. Last night I dreamed there was a picture of me in the Daily Mail showing my knickers, so I'm keen to keep a low profile today.

So maybe I ought to forget about worldwide knitting in public weekand leave my crochet in my bag!

What a photographical disaster ...


  1. Hmm I wonder if young W has the same understanding of keeping a low profile! :)

  2. he was a little superstar ... apart from when he was wiping his dribble soaked hand all over the beige jacket of the slightly grumpy pensioner to my left!!