Sunday, 17 June 2012

And last place goes to ....

Team 118

Oops, sorry Nix!!

Nicola and friends/colleagues did a grand job yesterday competing for charity in Birmingham's Dragon Boat race. The team dressed up as the lads from 118 for the occasion.

Just in case you can't spot Nicola in the line-up photo, here's an action shot of her in close-up!
woman dressed as 118 118 character with wig and moustache
Barclays team dressed as 118 118 characters for Birmingham dragon boat race

Friday, 15 June 2012

What an unusual request ...

... finally completed, it's the kitchen apron in the style of the old East German flag or, more correctly, the flag of the former Deutsche Demokratische Republik (DDR) / German Democratic Republic (GDR), which was in existence from 1959 to 1990.

The National Emblem of the flag features a hammer and compass surrounded by a ring of rye. I've made it into a pocket for cooking stuff .. not entirely sure what .. utensils or herbs maybe ... anyway, it's a pocket!

crochet flag of the former Deutsche Demokratische Republik (DDR)or German Democratic Republic (GDR)

I've not written a pattern for it yet, but I will do if anyone's interested. Leave me a comment and I'll get on it.

Check out Mr Whippy's Flake Plate

Mr Whippy Ice-Cream van with F7AKE (FLAKE) number plate

Spotted on Stamford Meadows - never noticed Gino's clever number plate before - bet that's worth a few £££

It certainly beats my disastrous Queen pictures

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Disastrous Queen Pics

Oh dear ...

we went all that way ...

got an excellent position by the barrier ...

only narrowly escaped being pick-pocketed ...

and then completely messed up the photo opportunity ...

I was being super careful ... checking I had pressed record on my iPhone, etc etc ... turns out I have 3 seconds footage of the point just before she arrived and 3 seconds footage of the back of the last car in her motorcade!!! what happened to the bit in the middle??? If you can be bothered, you can watch them here

... for no other reason than to share in my pain ...

To be fair, I did manage not to drop the baby, so there's plenty to be happy about really and it turns out the Stamford Mercury were filming just feet away from me. If you'd like to see what I should have shot, it's here

... and I finally noticed Gino's Flake plates ... I must walk around with my eyes closed!

Queen felt very safe with the sheriff in town

baby in sheriff badge t-shirt

the only decent picture of the day - click here for my Queen pics disaster 

Off to see the queen with baby and crochet

Today we are combining a spot of royal watching with knitting (or rather crocheting) in public!

Gutted to say that in my haste to get into town, I totally forgot to dress W in his Union Jack romper suit :(, so we will have to save that for the Olympics.

Stamford roads are cordoned off with barriers for folks to stand behind and wave as the Queen passes through town on her way to Burghley House for a picnic.

The weather has been kind so far and there are already hoards of school kids and pensioners securing their viewing positions! The Welland us being patrolled by river police, there are helicopters overhead, police everywhere and W is sleeping.

To be honest, I'm pleased I forgot ws Union Jack suit. Last night I dreamed there was a picture of me in the Daily Mail showing my knickers, so I'm keen to keep a low profile today.

So maybe I ought to forget about worldwide knitting in public weekand leave my crochet in my bag!

What a photographical disaster ...

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Went shopping for pyjamas, came back with England Football strip

The outcome of a first shopping trip for father and son. They forgot about the pyjamas and went for the full England strip instead!

Saturday, 9 June 2012

I'm off to embarrass my other half

Apparently, it's World Wide Knit in Public (WWKIP) day today. How on earth did that pass me by? As I haven't got time to organise a local event, I think I will instead pick up my crochet and head to the pub at 4pm, where my other half will be watching European Cup football with a load of blokey blokes - hope he doesn't choke on his pint!!