Friday, 13 July 2012

This poor neglected little blog

Paid work is glorious for its bill-paying rewards and as a freelancer I am eternally grateful for all the work that comes my way.

But it really gets in the way of blogging, tweeting and most importantly my adventures in crochet!

It had been so long since I'd picked up a hook, I actually experienced a certain level of performance anxiety as I started my latest project this week; which was particularly worrying as this project, along with another which is equally challenging, need to be finished by the end of this month, or my good witch step-mum position could well be toast!

The good news is, I'm cracking on with project 1, although I'm unravelling all of yesterday's experimental stitch work as it's not doing it for me. But that's a job for the weekend as today is a paid work day and I'm just squeezing this blog post in because my lack of attention here has been bothering me.

I've got some great new additions for my Patterns & Stitches page which I will sort through over the weekend and a couple of articles which I will start working on too. Hopefully, I will get the first birthday project complete, so I can share that too.