Wednesday, 20 August 2014

2014 Berlin Marathon Route Sights

When I told a serious runner recently that I planned to do a bit of research on the sights and history associated with the 2014 Berlin Marathon route, they thought I was nuts ... "you're not going to have any time for smelling roses and admiring architecture".

To be honest, given the pace I'm planning on run / walking at, I'll have plenty of time for sight-seeing. Whether I'll have the inclination or the ability to recall non-essential information is another matter though. I can't help thinking that being able to drag up something interesting about whichever part of the route I'm on will help pull me through. Moving from monument to building to street to square and not just from kilometer to kilometer.

In the coming weeks, I'll be reading up on the history of Berlin and trying to find interesting things to know or to spot along all 42km of the route including:

  • Großer Tiergarten
  • Straße des 17. Juni
  • Berlin Victory Column
  • Ernst Reuter
  • Landwehr Canal
  • Spree
  • Moabit
  • Reichstag Building
  • Platz der Republik
  • Reinhardstraße Bunker
  • Torstraße
  • Rosenthaler Platz
  • Mollstraße
  • OttoBraun Straße
  • Karl Marx Allee
  • Michaelbruecke
  • Koepenicker Straße
  • Heinrich Heine Straße
  • Moritzplatz
  • Oranienstraße
  • Oranienplatz
  • Kottbusser Tor
  • Kottbusser Damm
  • Hasenheide
  • Suedstern
  • Gneisenaustraße
  • Yorckstraße
  • Heinrich von Kleist Park
  • Grunewaldstraße
  • Martin Luther Straße
  • Rudolph Wilde Park
  • Rathaus Schoeneberg
  • Hauptstraße Schoeneberg
  • Rheinstraße
  • Friedrich Wilhelm Platz
  • Wiesbadener Straße
  • Suedwestkorso
  • Breitenbackplatz
  • Hohenzollerndamm
  • Fehrbelliner Platz
  • Kurfuerstendamm
  • Breitsheidplatz
  • Tauentzienstraße
  • Wittenbergplatz
  • Nollendorfplatz
  • Buelowstraße
  • Potsdamer Straße
  • Potsdamer Platz
  • Leipziger Platz
  • Leipziger Straße
  • Jerusalemer Straße
  • Hausvogteiplatz
  • Behrenstraße
  • Friedrichstraße
  • Unter den Linden
  • Brandenburg Gate
Suddenly, those 42kms look very long!

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