Thursday, 28 August 2014

Reclaiming my body, reclaiming myself

It occurred to me the other day when I was on my long slow run that for the first time since being in my early teens I actually felt like my body was my own again.

Running and training for the Berlin Marathon was putting me back in control of my physical being, in a way that I remember being as a kid. The freedom of tearing around on a bike or on roller-skates or in the swimming pool or on a ski slope used to give me such euphoric pleasure.

Boys, cigarettes, cake and wine (in that order I think) were my undoing. From that point at around 13 until last weekend, I had really lost myself. On many levels I'd given myself away. Lost myself in throwaway moments of no long term value to anyone.

Life's pretty tricky at the moment, but running's helping me through it.

And if I can regain that blissful physical freedom I remember from my pre-teen years, I think I may well fly.

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