Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Hurrah for Grandparents!!

W's gone on an adventure with his grandparents and I have a whole day without bottles and nappies. I always miss his giggling and beautiful eyes locking into mine, but it is lovely to be able to get on with some things.

The question though, is what to do first ... I'm still working freelance for my old headhunting company in London. That's paid work and a clear priority. Plus I get to speak to lots of grown-ups and pretend for a few hours that I'm still living my old life (which actually I barely miss if I'm honest!). I can squeeze in a few posts on here along the way, particularly to beef up the crochet pages. Apologies to anyone who visits those pages at the moment and leaves disappointed .... I will get the content on them as quickly as I can. Which leaves ... oh dear ... the housework ... again - oops! At the very least, I must clear up after last night's rather late but delicious home made rajasthani red meat curry. The grandparents spotted it as soon as they walked in this morning to pick up their grandson - oops again!

Note to self: earn more and get a cleaner!!!!

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