Sunday, 15 April 2012

That's one problem solved ...

Since I started this blog, I've found myself struggling for time to do the very thing that got me started here ... crochet! Between freelance headhunting work, admin (including never-ending W washing) and looking after a baby all day, I've had very little time for making which is getting a bit frustrating really.

Today, though, I discovered that if I sit next to W while he's lying on his play mat with all his hanging toys, he will happily watch me crochet and listen as I talk him through the stitches. My only worry now, is that his first words are not "dada" or "mama" or "flippin' starvin'", but "front post treble" or "yarn over needle"!! Oh well, you can't have it all.

Anyway, because I was talking to him, W allowed me to make good progress on a baby sunhat that I'm making. I'd like to get it finished, because it taught me something new - when you're working in the round, you can increase the stitches in your row by working into the front post of the same stitch you've just worked as normal. The hat's in treble crochet and this way of increasing has created a lovely pattern. I'll pop a picture in the project gallery later on for anyone that's interested. As soon as I get time, I'll write the pattern up in there too.

Now that I've got W off to sleep (fingers crossed), I'm going to crack on with the hat ... and then the blanket ... and then the camisole ... and then ... ?

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