Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Any more ragged nailed, hairy badgers out there?

I'm not saying that I've let myself go exactly, but just how do you keep up with your own grooming when you're up to your eyeballs in baby stuff?

I've resorted to cutting my nails rather than filing them and I've had a few highlights put in my hair to hopefully distract people just a little from the grey spreading down from my parting. Apparently, I look a bit like a badger - harsh, but fair!

Finally, body hair - ewwww .... but it stopped growing when I was pregnant, which was marvellous as I couldn't really reach anyway. Now it seems like it's making up for lost time. When I'm in the bath though, W is usually sat in his little bouncy chair next to me and it doesn't seem right to be shaving my legs in front of him, even though he has no idea of what I'm up to. And if he isn't in the bathroom with me, if I have some rare bathroom time alone, I really just want to chill rather than drag a sharp piece of metal across my skin. My other half, bless him, has only threatened to leave me once for body hair mismanagement and to be honest, I'd probably leave me too.

Whatever happened to manicures, pedicures, visits to the hairdressers and some professional waxing?

A baby.

Seriously, I've got to get a grip, or I'll be wearing socks and sandals before I know it ... actually, come to think of it, that sounds really quite comfy ...

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