Thursday, 3 May 2012

Head to toe bedroom moment

I'm giving W his bedtime bottle. All is calm, although he is eating rather greedily as he has been to his grandparents today.

So whose gurgle was that? Mine or W's?

If I knew the answer to that question, I probably wouldn't be sitting here covered in sick, from head to toe ... and I'm wearing all black ... again ...

But seriously, when I'm holding him, I can't tell whose stomach it is that is gurgling. When his is going off, it somehow feels like it's mine. Does anyone else think that they still feel some physiological links with their baby? If so, how long does it go on for I wonder ... when is the connection finally lost. Maybe for some it never is, which might account for that sixth sense that some mothers seem to have when their children, even as adults, are in trouble somehow.

I'm not sure we will ever know the answer to that question, so I shall focus on what I can do something about, which is to swap all my black clothes for white/cream until W's on solids!

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